BIT Meets: DevOps Engineer Arvin Cudanin


In the BIT Meets article series we interview IT experts who found work via Barona IT. Now we get to know
Arvin Cudanin, who moved to salo from the Philippines to work as a devops engineer

Who are you and what did you do before you joined Barona IT?

My name is Arvin Cudanin and I lived in Manila before coming here. I was working in IT consultancy company as an Automation Engineer. I have worked with many international companies back in Manila, for example Nokia.

I have several years of experience in both software development and operations specializing in Cloud Technologies, Web and Backend Development, Virtualization and Automation. Besides my work experience within the field, I have an Electronics and Communications Engineering degree.

How did you end up working in Barona IT?

I was scouted by a local recruitment company that introduced me to Barona IT. After that, I met Arja Martikainen back in Manila. She told me about the position and got me interested in the chance to move to Finland.

As I have worked in a Finnish company before, I knew something about the culture. In Finland, work and life is very balanced compared to the culture in the Philippines. Employees also have time for other activities after work and this was a very important factor for me.

What are you doing at your current role?

As mentioned before I am working as a DevOps Engineer. My workplace is located in Salo and the end customer is a Finnish company called Nordic ID. My work includes building CI pipelines for the teams, continuous deployments and mostly automating the “boring stuff” in a software development lifecycle. In summary, I am trying to make our operations more efficient.

What technologies you are using at your workplace?

I am currently using various technologies for example Python, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes. Besides that, I have also been working with AWS cloud.

What is best about Barona IT?

Meetups and the fact that Barona IT is making sure that everyone is happy.


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