7 Tips for Great Job Interview


A job interview is an interactive meeting between the job applicant and the job recruiters. The interview typically deals with matters related to both the personality and the expertise of the applicant. The interview is your opportunity to tell, in more depth, about your know-how and work experience and why you are interested in the job.

Get a Sense of the Atmosphere

At the same time, you will hear more about the kind of job for which you are applying. If the interview is held in your future workplace, you can also get a sense of the atmosphere and the working culture, and whether it appeals to you or not.

TIP Recruiters may often hear that the job is interesting because it is part-time or that the company that is recruiting is large and secure. You can stand out from other applicants by describing your motivation in a more personal way, particularly, why you would like to do this job and the related tasks.

7 Tips for A Job Interview

  1. When you receive an invitation to a job interview, always write down at least the location and the names of the interviewers.

  2. If you are in a location where you cannot write down the information, ask the interviewer to send you a confirmation by SMS, for example. This way you can avoid regrettable misunderstandings.

  3. Find out about the company or party to whom you are applying in advance. At least familiarize yourself with the size, worksites, products and values of the company. It is even worth the effort to read news about the company and follow discussions in social media.

  4. Take copies of your job certificates and your ID card to the interview. Get dressed for the interview in a way that is in accordance with the job for which you are applying, yet in a manner you find natural.

  5. Think ahead about what is expected of you in the interview. Go through typical questions presented in an interview as well as your answers and reasoning.

  6. Shortly before the interview, read through the job advertisement one more time. In case questions arise in your mind, write them down or memorize them – a job interview is an excellent opportunity to find out more information about the vacancy.

  7. Be sure to arrive on time for the interview. Concentrate on listening to the questions and answer them honestly. You can interrupt the interviewer to ask a question, but avoid talking over them.

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