Barona brings the artificial intelligence of recruitment to the market


The future megatrends affecting the recruitment industry were the most popular topics at the Finnish Uudista & Uudistu –conference that brought together almost 2000 HR Directors and decision makers. The influence of digitalization on recruitment and the opportunities that it provides, such as automated recruitment processes and utilizing artificial intelligence in the recruitment process, were amongst the most popular topics amongst the speeches and panel discussions.


The automated recruitment process requires a lot of development in the current systems but the biggest issue is that the current systems still fails in utilizing artificial intelligence. Barona has decided to respond to this challenge and has started developing the next generation recruitment system, which combines a large candidate database, an automated recruitment process and the ability to use artificial intelligence in the recruitment process.

”Working life is currently undergoing a huge amount of changes. At the same time as work diversification comes to the market, typically from the Silicon Valley, new systems and business models are dramatically changing entire industries. The traditional methods of working as we know them are disappearing and the future way of working requires either deeper skills of the new businesses or work diversification”, envisions Tuomas Mikkonen, CEO of Barona HR Services.

These next generation recruitment systems will also change the nature of recruiters’ work. Interaction in the digital environment is even more highlighted in the recruitment process and the recruiter’s role will be more concentrated on coaching and guiding the job applicants.


The Uudista & Uudistu – conference proved that HR Directors have high expectations forof the digitalization and the opportunities that it will bring. According to the market research we did at the conference, the majority of the participants are interested in utilizing social media in the recruitment process. Other interesting featerus were the ready candidate database, managing a large candidate base as well as the automated screening of applicants, in other words – artificial intelligence.

”HR Directors were well aware of the need to change and the potential in it. In order to keep Finland competitive, we need to continue the discussion we started at the Uudista & Uudistu –conference. No one can solve the HR-process digitalization alone, but together, by sharing our knowledge and cooperating well, we can grow internationally as a significant center of HR expertise in Finland”, says Mikkonen.

Although using artificial intelligence in the recruitment process might sound like a thought from the distant future, in reality it will be here earlier than we imagine. Barona’s new recruitment system utilizing AI will be on the market in the spring of 2016.

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Laura Heikkinen

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