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Ramesh Kumar Avadhanula came to Finland to study in University in 2005. Barona Finance helped him to find his dream job as a financial specialist.

Ramesh Kumar Avadhanula came to Finland in 2005 to study finance and accounting in an University. He was graduated in 2011. 

However, finding a proper job in Finland was not easy for him, even though Ramesh speaks pretty good Finnish as well as has relevant work experience from his home country, India.

He applied several jobs daily without even getting an interview call. He was for example told to be over-qualified for the jobs he applied to. Finally, he got an interview call from Barona – and was recruited to his dream job. Now Ramesh is happy and works as a Financial Specialist in our client company.

Ramesh encourages people to apply a job through Barona and strongly believes that Barona's recruiters try to help all the skilled people to find their dream jobs. 

"Barona supports all the skilled people in their career paths."

Watch Ramesh's story:

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