Barona supports your whole career – now more than ever


Self-knowledge, ability to learn new things and a variety of skills have become increasingly important in the working world. This is why Barona has launched a campaign called Working Life Trainer. Through this campaign, people can participate in free training sessions, webinars and events – and in that way create individual working lives. The campaign is part of Barona’s long series of responsibility actions.

As you can already see on our new website, Barona has revamped its brand image. As part of this reform, we surveyed and studied what our target groups expect of us and we clarified: what do we want to be to job-seekers and employees?

This question is important, since Barona employs 30,000 people every year, and young people under the age of 25 make up 65% of these people. Over 100,000 people apply to work for Barona on a yearly basis. Many of these applicants are millennials. For many people, Barona is their first employer ever. We have great responsibility.

Since we work especially with young adults, we want to provide people tools with which to manage in the working world. Many recruiters are already taking a coaching approach to job interviews: they encourage applicants to be themselves, urge them to ask for a higher salary, point out a limp handshake or give feedback on resumes.

The campaign improves awareness of the fact that Barona wants to help job-seekers in ways other than just via the traditional means of recruitment.

For example through:

· training for job-seeking
· individual and group sparring
· online courses
· visits to various schools and organisations

Many training services and events provided by Barona are already available free of charge and the selection will be expanding in the future. You can strengthen the skills you consider most important in your work – Barona will be your sparring partner.

Check out all current training services here (in Finnish): Working Life Trainer campaign kicks off Barona’s series of responsibility actions and will continue until the end of the year.


Responsibility Is Barona’s Most Important Value

Barona has been developing its brand and there have been discussions on what kind of working world we are building with our employees and client companies. In the course of the year, we have, for example, deeply examined what the employee experience is like at Barona.

"How do our employees see their work and workplace?"

Minna Vanhala-Harmanen, CEO of Barona, talks about the Working Life Trainer campaign: "This campaign is part of our comprehensive brand and strategy reform, in which responsibility is our most important value. We promise as a brand to act as a human reformer, and we want our operations to signal the culture of caring."

During the brand work, it has become ever more apparent that Barona must make its responsibility more transparent and overall be more open about its operations. Too few know that we retrain approximately 3,500 people for new professions every year. Furthermore, we direct over 1,100 people facing the risk of reduced work ability to new career paths every year.

Currently, transparency and responsibility are expected from all employers – and rightfully so. Thanks to transparency, it is easier for applicants to find out whether they share the company’s values.