How to prepare into a group interview?


Group interviews provide quick and effective information on applicants and their teamwork skills. Group interviews can be utilized at all stages of the recruitment process and may include both applicants for the same job and those seeking a different job. Anne Juusola, our recruitment consultant, gives you tips on how to prepare for a group job interview in advance and how to work in a group interview.



Prepare for a group interview as well as an individual interview. Check your cv and your application details and take them with you (print or electronic) for the interview and give them to the recruiter if necessary. You can also keep your own cv in the interview if it supports you.


"Discover your references before the interview.”


Also read the job announcement one more time and think about how your skills meet the required criteria and desires. For example, if a job company is listed, check out its website or social media channels.



Think about your pitch. What are your strengths for the job you are looking for? What do you want to develop further? What would you like to ask from the recruiter? Remember to be your own natural self - you don't have to be anything else than you are: it is a different thing to pretend than to pull out the best in you. It is the skill of the recruiter to observe different people and their own strengths in a group interview.


"Pay attention to your body language."


Even if you are a quieter person, you can bring up your own activity in the group, for example, leaning forward and expressing yourself (by nodding, smiling) on the comments of other interviewees and being present in the interview situation.



A group assignment can be given in a group interview, which should be completed within the given time. With the help of the assignment, the recruiter tries to find out the teamwork skills and pressure resistance of the interviewees. At this point, there are often 1-2 leaders in the group who leave the task ahead. From the recruiter's perspective, any team member who can demonstrate their activity and take into consideration the other members of the group can succeed in the task. If you are looking for a job that requires customer service skills, pay attention to your voice and how you treat other members of the group.


"Think about how you would consider your customers - in the same way, consider the other members of your group."



At the end of the group interview, it is always good to inform the recruiter if you are also interested in other job opportunities. You can also contact the recruiter afterwards if you want to know how you succeeded in the group interview. It is always a good idea to answer a group interview invitation. Do not make unnecessary assumptions about what kind of experts are sought.


"The most important thing is to come to the interview with an open mind, because you may be the perfect candidate for the client company!"


The group interview should also be a positive experience for all participants, so if something remains to be considered after the interview, feel free to give feedback to the recruiters as well. In this way, we will also be able to develop our candidate experience.