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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we provide our job interviews remotely by using technologies such as *RechRight Live and Microsoft Teams in addition to phone interviews. In this article we’ve put together tips that could be useful when joining in a remote job interview. It’s also good to keep in mind that the remote job interviews are no different from the traditional job interviews although the discussion is held online. We wish you great luck!


Make your preperations just as you would for a regular interview. Make sure that you are ready to tell about your working habits and experiences, as well as explain why you are interested in the job you are applying for. Don’t let the technology get the best of you, just keep your focus in the conversation. And please - wear something else than your favorite pyjamas even if you are interviewed from home. When ever there is technology involved, be ready for some hickups. If the connection is slow, keep a short pause between your sentences avoiding to speak over the interviewer.


If possible, pick a peaceful place, where there is enough natural light and you can be seen and heard. Show good taste and opt out from showing your home as it is, especially if there is dirty dishes involved. Also make sure you network connection is working. If you are skillful with tecnology and video conferences, consider checking the quality of your screen view and audio. Make sure you have the time to do the interview, preferably without interruptions. This is not always easy , especially in this exceptional situation. Luckily recruiters are people, too, and are likely to understand the situation.


A professional recruiter and interviewer is usually able to overcome technological challenges, though the situation might be new to the recruiter, as well. The recruiter is basically concentrating to evaluating you as a potential candidate and your competence matching the position you are applying for. Our tip for you is simple: be yourself and convince the recruiter about your knowledge and skills. You can also be a proactive and make some questions or mention openly, if you need to take a break for some reason. It is okey to admit you are more anxious than usually.


In general, the recruitment process will proceed the same way as after traditional live interviews. The recruiter will tell you the next steps, schedule and possible follow-up interviews. As usual you can contact your recruiter afterwards in case you forget to mention something or if you have further questions. Remote and video interviews should be considered as any other forms of interviews, which start your co-operation with the recruiter. You can do this!

Please give the credits to Recruitment Executive Kristiina Vormala from Barona Engineering and Business Development Director Miikka Tuomola from RechRight for the insightful tips.

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